The Trust celebrates its founders as pioneers in environmental education, a 25 year-strong history, and announces new changes


Dear Trust supporters,

It was with great pleasure that we celebrated a very special milestone for the Taranaki Environmental Education Trust earlier in November: 25 years of the Trust’s work.

We were delighted to have most of the founding Trustees present to acknowledge at this celebration. As Trustee, Dee Turner, presented an overview of the Trust’s work in the last 25 years, I couldn't help but see these people as amazing pioneers. We take for granted that sustainability and environmental education are now mainstream concepts, but these leaders were well ahead of their time in the early 1990's.

So our huge thanks to Graham Mosen, Brian Lonsdale, Graham Harris, Val Mosen, Nelle Rose, Ray Hope and Marion Hope, and supporters Barbara Londsdale and Bruce Miller for your vision and leadership, and also to the many people who have worked with so much passion and commitment to bring the Trust to where it is today. While it’s a challenging job, we intend to update our website to capture more of this rich history and the Trust’s work over this time as a means to share these achievements more widely.



At the Anniversary event, our new General Manager, Kati Freeman, shared some of the current successes of the Trust and looked ahead to some exciting new initiatives in the pipeline for next year, including:

  • Education programs at the Community Reuse and Recycle Centre

  • An online resources hub full of local answers to local sustainability questions

  • Better celebrating and showcasing what’s being done within the community to protect Taranaki’s environment, and helping others to get involved

  • Sustainability support for businesses

  • Support for organic waste diversion.


As we’ve prepared to celebrate the Trust’s 25th Anniversary, we’ve made a decision to create a new trading name and visual identity for the Trust’s work over what we hope will be the coming decades:

Sustainable Taranaki


The ‘Taranaki Environmental Education Trust’ will very much continue as our registered charitable organisation and in formal documents. However, for public use, ‘Sustainable Taranaki’ we feel more succinctly represents our vision of Sustainable Taranaki communities going forward. Over the coming months, look out for our new logo and Te Reo Māori name, which we are developing with local iwi.

In the new year, we’re looking forward to sitting down to review and update our strategic plan and focus on our priorities for the next few years in order to make the best inroads in our mission:

Sustainable, resilient and healthy communities in Taranaki.


We look forward to working with you to achieving this, and to the next 25 years! 

Many thanks for your support.


Boyd Benton, 13 November 2017

Chair - Taranaki Environmental Education Trust