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Why save your own seeds?

As seedsavers we are continuing the traditional food growing techniques of our parents, our grandparents and their parents – that of selecting the best and healthiest plants and saving the seed for next season’s planting.

Seedsavers select and grow the plants that grow best in their local area, taste best and are resistant to local pests and diseases. Many commercial seeds are hybrids and if seed is saved from these plants they will not breed true.

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How to save your own seed

Self Pollinating: Lettuce, tomatoes and beans (except for runners and broad beans) are easy for beginners because they produce seed in their first year and are self pollinating.

Cross Pollinating: Different varieties of carrots, onions, brassicas, corn, pumpkin, runner beans and broad beans will cross with each other. If you want to keep your seed pure (retain the characteristics of your seed) only grow one variety at a time to prevent cross pollination.