Energy Efficiency 

According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, many businesses can save up to 20% on their annual energy bills. From energy efficient milking sheds to green fleets, there are a wealth of resources and tools to help you on your energy efficiency journey. Making your business more energy efficient has benefits beyond those in financial savings, it can also help you reduce maintenance costs, reduce your carbon foot print, making the work environment more conformable for staff and enhancing your brand.

Before you can start on your energy saving journey you need to know your baseline - what energy are using now and in what areas of your operations. This will differ widely for different sectors, such as agriculture, commercial, industrial and transport. EECA has a great energy journey tool to help you get your head around your current energy use. Enter your current usage and it provides estimates of how much you could save if you made changes, with bench-marking against similar businesses, guiding you on how to get stated.

Getting Started

Once you have used the energy journey tool you can start the process of planning what projects to implement to make savings. These may be some quick wins to start with, to bring on board your team before tackling bigger projects. Whatever industry you are in, the EECA business website provides a wealth of information on areas you can look into to create savings, including, but not limited to, the following business groups:

Taking Action

Once you have planned your projects there are a number of local service providers that can assist you to implement changes:

Green fleet options

  • See our green transport page for local hybrid and electric car lease suppliers

Sustainable building designers and builders

  • eHaus Taranaki - New Plymouth. Builders of passive houses and buildings.

  • Greenbridge - New Plymouth. Specialists in sustainable design & build for homes, buildings & landscapes, including council approved composting toilets and grey water systems.

  • JF Building Ltd - Okato. Providing sustainable building services, including being NZ builders or Sirewall earth walls.

  • NZ Tiny Homes - New Pymouth. Local tiny house builder.

Solar panel and renewable energy system installers

Insulation installation companies

Retrofit double glaziers

LED Lighting installers

Health and ventilation

  • There are a number of HVAC installation companies throughout Taranaki. Search online for your local representative.

Local service providers

If you know of other stockists/retailers/suppliers/services or all round fantastic sustainable sources please let us know so that we can share.