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Smart Organics: Fermented Drinks Course


For optimum health to your body and taste buds Anti/Probiotics, All B Vitamins and much more
Make your own fermented drinks—learn how.
Apple Cider Vinegar,  Amazing product. Contains all B vitamins, great for a health drink for all sorts of conditions, cleaning and much more.
Rejuvelac, Also amazing and contains all B vitamins, great as a starter for saurcraut and much more—great base for smoothies
Ginger Honey Rejuvelac, An extension of Rejuvelac and delicious and retains all the goodies from Rejuvelac—great in smoothies also. 
Water Kefir , A Probiotic worth having. A delicious fizzy drink that will make all the other fizzzies seem like nothing—and its good for you?
Milk Kefir.  An amazing product with many uses and benefits beyond the kitchen
Kombucha, Such a healthgiving drink with many versatile uses beyond the kitchen

(Demo, Tasting, and Instructions included, Also most cultures to take away)

At: SMART ORGANICS, 347 Henwood Road, Hillsborough, New Plymouth
Cost: $50
Contact: Barbara McPhillips, ph 06 7551109 and leave a message, or email