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The Great Fresh Air Challenge is back!

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to breathe in the Great Taranaki Air! Dust off your helmets, pull on your walking shoes, grab a bus timetable or find yourself a couple of carpooling buddies as the Great Fresh Air Challenge is back!

In 2015 we logged over 89,000 sustainable kilometres, that is the equivalent of 913 cars off our roading network on a daily basis! If everyone registered on the Let’s Go website (that’s 1700 people) were to do one sustainable transport trip a day imagine what a difference we could make. And if we could encourage our colleagues, friends and family to get involved…We’d be creating fresher air, safer roads, healthier people and saving money!

All you have to do is log your active and sustainable trips throughout the month of September on the Let’s Go website and win!

Aside from the hotly contested schools and workplace challenge where teams go head to head to win the title of ‘Car FREE And Loving it!’ we have competitions running throughout the month with prizes for individuals and teams.

Throughout the month of September if you log two or more trips a week you will go in the draw for a new bike (valued at $500) or new walking shoes (valued at $250).

Tips on how to leave the car keys at home:

1.      Set yourself a goal: how about once a week for starters?

2.      Plan ahead: Consider who has the kids? When are you doing the grocery shop, could you schedule your gym sessions around your active travel goals.

3.      Plan your route: Are you a fan of the direct on road route or do you enjoy the gentle pace of our shared pathways? For maps visit our website, for bus timetables click here and to promote and/or find a carpooling buddy check out

4.      If you’re heading out on your bike and it’s been in the shed a little longer that you want to admit, give it a quick once over. Here are some basic pointers. If you’d like more help with this, drop it into one of our fabulous local bike shops.

5.      Find yourself a travel mate; we’re happy to help make the connections if we can!

6.      If you don’t live on a bus route, too far to walk and ride from home and can’t find a carpooling buddy how about ‘park and walk’, leave your car on the outskirts of town and ride, walk or bus in.