Green Transport 

Transport in New Zealand makes up about 20% of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions each year. Taking action to reduce transport emissions is a key area that organisations can in reducing our contribution to climate change.

Prioritise low emissions vehicles

Electric and hybrid vehicles are increasingly common in organisations in order to both cut greenhouse gas emissions and save on transport energy costs. Electric vehicles are ideal for within province meetings and other general mileage of shorter distance. Several Taranaki businesses are already using electric vehicles in their fleet, such as such as Powerco, Shell Taranaki and Kaitake Farm.

Alongside this you can also work with your fleet or purchasing officer to prioritise purchase of small cylinder efficient vehicles over larger less efficient ones. See the EECA Business website for more information

Local providers of electric and hybrid vehicles for leased fleets include:

Many across town work meetings are less than 5km. In these situations it is often faster to bike to a meeting than a car. As an added bonus no car parks need to be found. Electric bikes make the journey quick and easy and can be booked on a businesses fleet management system. Local organisations like New Plymouth District Council are already using these as part of their vehicle fleet, with good take up by staff.

Check out the free Consumer overview of e-bikes to learn more about e-bike and battery types, considerations for your riding needs, and ratings of available options from their rider tests.

Local suppliers of e-bikes:

Have bikes or e-bikes for staff use

Support active transport by staff

Are your staff encouraged to bike, walk or catch public transport to work? Can you provide showers or lockers, prizes, management leadership or other incentives? For work trips, can staff be reimbursed for trips made on their bike, or make use of work bus cards?

The Lets Go program at New Plymouth District Council provides training, support and competitions to engage staff in active transport.

Your organisation’s emissions from flights will reduce significantly if staff are encouraged to replace in-person national or international meetings with good quality video conferencing facilities or online meeting tools. There are a multitude of these now available. Check out Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom or JoinMe and talk to your IT team about trialling them.

Provide video conferencing and online meeting facilities

When ordering taxis, make a point of asking for a hybrid car. Taxi kilometres can then be recorded at a hybrid rate if your organisation is reporting on its carbon footprint.

Local taxi companies with hybrid vehicles:

Encourage the use of hybrid taxis

Investigate the purchase of high quality carbon offsets to offset emissions from flights your staff still need to make after assessing the above options. Consumer New Zealand evaluated current carbon offset providers in August 2017. the CarboNZero scheme is run by Landcare Research, while further schemes may be assessed by calling the EECA Business Program.

Offset your organisation’s flights

If you know of other stockists/retailers/suppliers/services or all round fantastic sustainable sources please let us know so that we can share.