The Taranaki Environmental Education Trust was established as a charitable trust in 1992 and has a rich history of implementing programmes in youth development, sustainability, conservation & community development.

Charities No. CC31884


To provide environmental education that equips the community to be resilient and healthy.

The organisation works to achieve this through:

  • Being a community based organization working with and supporting our communities
  • Empowering people through education and advocacy
  • Providing advice and support in an accessible and non-judgmental manner
  •  Identifying and being the initiator of responses to gaps and opportunities


  • Positive: Support people to change and celebrate success
  • Respectful: Acknowledge different viewpoints and be open to collaborative discussion
  • Cross-cultural: Embrace cultural perspectives and enable learning
  • Education driven: Focus on giving people the tools they need to make positive change
  • Empowering: Work with people to build knowledge, connections, confidence and skills