Frequently Asked Questions

If youth have never done this kind of thing, can they still get involved?

Yes! We welcome people from all walks of life and with any level of experience and skill.

What is sustainability and environmental care?

Put simply, if we sustain the earth then the earth will sustain us. This means reducing our impact to the earth, and doing things that protect the earth so that future generations have all they need too. It’s about taking positive actions that makes our people and their communities work together.

What sort of projects can youth initiate?

Your action idea might be around reducing waste, water conservation, reducing packaging, cleaning up a local stream, planting fruit trees, getting your community more connected, reducing energy use, cleaning up the environment or whatever you can imagine - we will consider any sustainability or environmental care project.

What happens after the program finishes?

We will help participants connect with ongoing support for their initiatives through local community organisations. They will also be invited to share their project with others to further inspire future young leaders, and to stay connected to our network and program.

How are IMPACT projects funded?

IMPACT is funded by the Ministry of Youth Development and the Taranaki Electrical Trust. This means that there is NO cost to the school/youth service to be involved in the program. The funding provides:

  • Two Facilitators to work with groups of young people on their projects
  • Small start-up funds to cover the costs of resource needs for projects.

How much time will Impact take?

Those involved will need to commit to a minimum of an hour a week for 8-10 weeks. This will be discussed with the facilitators to fit around school/youth commitments.

How do I get involved?

For more information please email our IMPACT Facilitators Erin and Laine at