The Waitara Recycling Project Sales Event

On December 10th and 17th, between 9 and 12:30, there will be a Sales event. It's a $2 entry fee at the door, and all are welcome!

The 'Waitara Corso Shop' was set-up in response to the idea of providing a recycling venue for Waitara. At the time of the rebuild of the Waitara dump, it was proposed to the NPDC that a centre be resurrected. However, the NPDC could not envisage exactly what the community had in mind, so a group of volunteers set-up the first shop at 4 West Quay, located in the old garages.

The volunteers had achieved two things at that time - getting the 'dump-site' off the banks of the Waitara Rivers edge and setting up their own recycling community centre.

They also set up 'Just Books and Pictures' at 8 McLean Street - Independent of the 'Main Shop' and exclusively for Books, music and pictures. We moved the Main Shop to 57 McLean Street, the old Sharrocks Showroom. 

Then in 2010, a new section was added onto the back of the 8 McLean Street Shop and combined with the Books and the 'Main Shop' together.  During this time, they have operated as a group within Corso Incorporated.

With the holidays fast approaching, it would be a great idea to visit the community effort in Waitara and show your support while also saving big. If you are interested in coming along to the sales event, then please get in touch by visiting the Waitara Project's Facebook page.