We need your feedback

UPDATE: Survey extended until midnight, Friday 5th August

Since first established, the Taranaki Environment Centre has developed, grown and flourished throughout the years.  Due to a change in funding this year, the Trust is having to reconsider the viability to maintain the Centre in Taranaki for the remainder of 2016. 

Strategically, the Trust are consolidating to ensure there is at least a virtual presence of the Centre within our new website – www.sustainabletaranaki.org.nz

Funding and sponsorship opportunities are needed to maintain a physical presence of the Centre, and the Trust see value in providing a walk in space for community projects such as Taranaki Timebank and Taranaki Seedbank.

The Trust would like to invite feedback regarding the future direction of the Centre. The purpose of this survey is to hear what you would like to see from the Centre. Feedback will be collated online for a two week period.  The Trust will ensure to keep those interested, informed and updated of developments and a final decision as to the viability and presence of the Taranaki Environment Centre.

We ask that you take the time now to familiarise yourself with the current strategic plan for the TEC, which gives an outline of the current vision, mission, values, activities, and the proposed projects and partnerships. Read the TEC Strategic Plan by downloading this PDF

And then fill in the survey at this link - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3GKCTX9

You are welcome to contact us at any time on the following email address for further information: trustees@sustainabletaranaki.org.nz


Warm regards
Tiri Porter, Boyd Benton and Derina Turner
Trustees: Taranaki Environmental Education Trus