Future of the Environment Centre

Tena Koutou Katoa

Thank you to those who submitted feedback and comments in regards to the future direction of the Taranaki Environment Centre.

As mentioned in the recent Trust Newsletter, the response was from a small but dedicated group of supporters that enabled the Trustees to collate different views and opinions.  However, due to the drop in funding in July and no immediate funds to assist on the horizon, the Trust are not in a position to sustain the current physical location of the Environment Centre.  We are prepared for an online presence in the short to medium term (until the end of 2016), with a view to obtain a physical presence in the long term (2017 onwards) that meets the needs and demands of the Trust and the community.

The results of the recent survey indicated to us that we need to further engage with our supporters and potential supporters to narrow our focus and purpose for the Centre.  We will be initiating a planning session at some point to develop that focus and purpose.

There are some possible site opportunities for the Trust to pursue in the next 3-12 months, but nothing on the immediate horizon.  Taranaki Timebank and Taranaki Seedbank have also been advised and are arranging alternative options.

Therefore, the last day the Centre will be available in the Metro Plaza is Friday 30th September. The Centre will continue to operate online at www.sustainabletaranaki.org.nz

Last week we presented a deputation to the Council surrounding the most recent funding application we put in regarding being a Strategic Partner and a possible relocation site.  We are pleased to hear that we have been successful in being confirmed as a Strategic Partner, along with funding and an opportunity to discuss future premises.

We will also be developing an expression of interest and business plan surrounding the soon to be developed Recovery Resource Centre on Colson Road.  This is looking to be constructed and prepared to function in 12 months time.

All options of which we will discuss further with you as part of the planning session we will facilitate to further continue the discussions.  We look forward to keeping you in contact as to when and where this session will be.

Naku noa, na

Tiri Porter

Taranaki Environmental Education Trust, PO Box 914, New Plymouth

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