Environmental groups to take on new recycling education and shopping centre

Environmental groups to take on new recycling education and shopping centre


Last updated 16:00, January 6 2017

Designs for a new Public Good Area, including retail and cafe areas, for the Colson Rd landfill site in New Plymouth.

The New Plymouth District Council's plans to change the way ratepayers think about waste are moving forward. 

The council has announced the three groups it will partner to run the Community Reuse and Recycle Centre to be built at the Colson Rd dump site. 

Taranaki-based groups WISE - Better Homes, and Taranaki Environment Education Trust have signed a memorandum of understanding to help run the facility, which is set to have an education space, a work shed, a cafe and a number of retail stores, all of which will encourage the reuse of materials rather than letting them end up in the landfill. 

The NPDC is still finalising the designs.

Xtreme Zero Waste will also advise council and its partners on the $1 million project, as it runs a similar facility in Raglan. 

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The Community Reuse and Recycle Centre (CRRC) will be on Colson Road, between the transfer station and the material recovery facility, and is planned to begin operating by the end of next year, council's infrastructure manager David Langford said.

WISE - Better Homes and Taranaki Environmental Education Trust will take on the operation of the centre, which will act as an education hub and retail area.

"We're really excited about the potential this partnership has for developing our community's interest in reducing waste through reuse, recycling and education.

"Exactly what activities and services are provided through the CRRC will be determined through the business plan's development," he said.

Langford said council chose from seven different organisations to find the partners it thought fit best with the vision.

"Specifically, we were looking for groups that would help us divert waste away from landfill by reusing or upcycling discarded items. We also wanted a community group that would help the wider New Plymouth district community learn about waste minimisation and sustainable initiatives."

New Plymouth eco-design firm Greenbridge will building the centre. In its monthly newsletter it outlined the proposed project, which is hoped to deliver between 75 and 79 per cent of waste being sent to landfill. 

The assumption is about 80 per cent of the visitors to the new facility will be shoppers, not people dropping off recyclables, so the design is to focus largely on enhancing the retail aspect of the centre rather than building up the recycling centre. 

The firm will look to use a lot of pre-used materials in its construction of the centre. 

The Colson Rd landfill is set to close in 2019. The NPDC, South Taranaki and Stratford district councils have signed an agreement to create a new Central Landfill in Eltham, at a cost of roughly $42.9 million. 

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