The Rubbish Trip: Two Non-Waste Nomads Talk Trash with People

Taranaki Environmental Education Trust and New Plymouth District Council are partnering to bring The Rubbish Trip to New Plymouth, with support from Rethinking Plastic Revolution and Taranaki Enviroschools.

Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, the No-Waste Nomads behind The Rubbish Trip, are currently travelling the country doing talks about the practicalities and philosophy of household waste reduction. Having lived without a rubbish bin since the beginning of 2015, their presentation is based on lived experience, research and lots of can-do attitude. 

Read their blog and follow them along their journey.

If you miss out on the big event at Len Lye Learning Centre, there will be two more in our area. 

15th Nov Peihana Farm, Urenui

17th Nov Puniho Pa, South Rd

Come along and be guided through the whys and the hows of life without a rubbish bin, including:

- The Zero Waste movement and why waste reduction is important
- Innovative examples of waste minimisation policy, practice and thinking from around the globe, and how these might inform community-level waste reduction.

- Tips for how you can reduce the rubbish in your life, including fun DIY household products, cosmetics, and other life hacks.

The event is free - everyone is welcome.

This talk is part of The Rubbish Trip's travelling project, taking the zero waste message around Aotearoa New Zealand. Follow them on Facebook or check out their website for updates and upcoming events around the country!

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Or visit their    website    for a closer look

Or visit their website for a closer look