Climate change

Love in the time of Climate Change

In April this year local inspiration and founder of Crop Swap Aotearoa, Franziska von Hünerbein, travelled to Scotland to participate in the Climate Change and Consciousness 2019 conference. We asked her if she would share some reflections on her experience so that the community can benefit from her journey. Here's what she said

“The Climate Change and Consciousness Conference 2019 at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland is over and what a week it has been: Seven days full to the brim of keynote speeches, workshops, sharing circles and many, many conversations amongst the 340 passionate participants from all over our planet. I had the privilege to attend the conference as a representative of our Crop Swap Aotearoa movement and many of you have been following the journey with heartwarming interest! 

How was it? Amazing, gut wrenching, uplifting, scary, shattering, hopeful, devastating and hugely inspiring! If it did one thing: It shook us, and, if we weren’t already, it woke us up from our sweet “she’ll be right” dreams.

What we have learned? Climate change is real, it is happening already, it is the most serious threat for humanity, and the future of life on this planet depends on the priorities that we are setting right now. The work has just begun.


What now? We know it already: The answer is always LOVE. Just to get this clear: I am not talking about fluffy romantic feelings here, I talk about love as action. As more and more of us realise, Climate Change is actually a symptom of disconnection from ourselves, our communities and our very planet. So every step to reconnect with any of these areas is a loving act that contributes to the healing of all.

Self Love: Taking responsibility for ourselves and meeting our true needs are acts of self love that ripple out to those around us.  So: Eat and sleep well, go for that walk, dance, hug a friend, meditate, have a swim, be kind to yourself, plant a garden and come to Crop Swap.

Community Love: Humans are social beings and true connection with others gives us contentment, safety and a sense of belonging. So, meet your neighbour, listen to your child, throw that street party, volunteer, get involved in schools, clubs, work together, have fun together, weave that diverse tapestry of people around you, plant a garden and come to Crop Swap.

Planet Love: Planet Earth is not a commodity for us to consume but an incredibly complex living being in her own right that we are part of. So: Grow wildflowers, protect that wetland, protest, speak up, show up, have honest conversations, pick up rubbish, switch to an electric car now, get to know the people who are representing us in Council, vote, plant a garden and come to Crop Swap.

Life on Planet Earth is incredible. What a place to be, learn, play!!! Let’s love her tenderly, passionately, fiercely. Let’s love her as if she was our one and only. Because she is.

You can find more information about our almighty Crop Swap Aotearoa / New Zealand movement on our website

Franziska von Hunerbein, Crop Swap Aotearoa