Our Programs

Sustainable Taranaki runs three core programs:

  1. The Sustainable Taranaki Workshops program. These provide on the ground practical and positive education in the field of sustainability, focusing on at home changes that everyday people can make to live more lightly.

  2. Impact is a youth action incubator, facilitating youth-led environmental projects that engage with, and give back to, the local community.

  3. The Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail celebrates local efforts in sustainability and inspires everyday people in the community to make lifestyle changes in order to live more sustainable lives.  

Alongside our own programs, we partner with organisations in the local community whose vision aligns with our goals. These include Timebank Taranaki, Seedsavers Taranaki and Crop Swap Taranaki.


Our sustainability workshops offer a wide range of practical know how for your home and garden.


An inspiring youth action incubator program for Taranaki youth.


Learn from some of the most inspiring backyards of Taranaki!