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Learn from some of the most inspiring backyards of Taranaki! From solar panels to bio-intensive vege gardens, the Trail offers a wide range of examples of what everyday people can to do to live a more sustainable life.

What Is The Sustainable Backyards Trail All About?

The Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail celebrates local efforts in sustainability and inspires everyday people in the community to make lifestyle changes in order to live more sustainable lives.  The Trail involves individuals, families and community organisations generously opening their ‘backyards' to the public to inspire us with their creativity, innovation and dedication to living a more sustainable lifestyle. From solar panels to bio-intensive vegetable production, the Trail offers a wide range of examples of what everyday people can to do reduce their impact on the environment and get involved in their community.

The Sustainable Backyards Trail is more than just about viewing gardens, however, it's about sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration. It’s also an opportunity for you to connect with people who are enthusiastic about growing their own food, looking after the land, saving money and sharing resources, collectively contributing to a more resilient Taranaki, New Zealand and planet.

Each Backyard showcases a range of green living practices, such as composting, using recycled materials creatively, organic gardening, chicken and beekeeping, riparian plantings, seedsaving and renewable energy production - to name a few. All of the properties are different. Some are tidy and others are productive jungles with weeds, long grass and untrimmed hedges. From rural ecotourism to intensive urban food forests to lifestyle farming - there's something for everyone.

As part of the Trail programme, we ask local experts to share their knowledge via talks and demonstrations on various interesting topics. We hope you will be inspired by the backyards you visit tojoin local community initiatives, engage in educational opportunities and get ideas for taking action yourselves. Change starts in your backyard!

Want to know more?

Laine is the Coordinator for the SBT and is keen to hear from you. You can contact him at, or get in touch via the SBT Facebook page.

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