We inspire and support people, businesses and communities to value the environment and act to prioritise sustainability.



We offer:

Workshops that demystify sustainability and give you hands-on skills to reduce your environmental impact.

Presentations, training and inspiration for your workplace, team or group.

Support for young people to make a difference through our IMPACT sustainability action incubator program.

Inspiration for your home and garden through our annual Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail.

Connection to events and opportunities in our Events Calendar, monthly newsletter, Facebook, Community Group Facebook and Instagram

A community of support through a Sustainable Taranaki Community Facebook Group, monthly email updates, and face-to-face workshops and events.



Sustainable Taranaki is run by the Taranaki Environmental Education Trust, and has been a leader in environmental education and practical sustainability skills development in the region since 1992.  We are a registered charity (Charities No. CC31884), with any profits re-invested into our programs to help Taranaki people live more sustainably.


Kati Freeman from Sustainable Taranaki and Glenn Bennett talk about the Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail on the Hokonui Breakfast Show.



Connect to local sustainability-focused events

Connect with local opportunities for action

We also support a wide range of community-based sustainability initiatives. Whether it's bringing your seeds to a local seed bank, trading your time for needed skills via Taranaki Timebank, sharing your surplus at a Crop Swap, doing a beach clean up with Taranaki Conservationists, learning about our amazing marine life with a local marine conservation group, donating a plastic bottle to Upcycle Taranaki's green houses, maintaining our waterways and forests with a revegetation or stream-care group, supporting local organic food producers, or attending a sustainability learning event, it all adds up to making our beautiful region more sustainable. 

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The Taranaki Environmental Education Trust is kindly funded by the following organisations and charitable foundations. A very special thank you goes out to these entities. 

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Thank you to all of our local supporters and partners!  If you or an organisation that you represent would like to partner with us or support our programs, please email info@sustainabletaranaki.org.nz