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For healthy growing communities - Many hands make light work

Have you ever thought it might be nice to have that extra pair (or two) of hands to get something done, or have someone teach you a language, craft, skill or hobby or how to use the computer?  Maybe you need a hand washing the house, sorting a room, walking the dog, taking a child through their homework, providing transport to appointments, running errands or doing shopping, lawn mowing and gardening, the possibilities are endless.

Taranaki Timebank goes to the Sunday Farmers Markets! 

Taranaki Timebank is a community network with a current membership of approximately 200 individual members and  community groups who have come together exchanging skills and time to help each other out and just getting things done!

Timebank Communities exist throughout New Zealand and are based on a worldwide model. The concept is that every member’s time is equally valued no matter what each hour is spent doing. Members trade time with each other and the transaction is recorded, in a database in ‘time spent’, as time credits – you help someone out. They can then use that time credit or their accrued time credits to receive help from someone else.

Taranaki Timebank

How to Join?

For general enquiries email timebank@taranaki.gen.nz or visit the website www.taranakitimebank.nz
For those who do not have a computer – never fear, you can still become a member and take advantage of this great community initiative.  Simply call Laurie or Morgane on 021 173 2350 and discuss your registration options.