Employment & Governance Opportunities at Sustainable Taranaki

Sustainable Taranaki General Manager

The Taranaki Environmental Education Trust, (trading as Sustainable Taranaki) was established as a charitable trust in 1992 and has a rich history of implementing programmes in sustainability, youth development, conservation and community development.

Sustainable Taranaki works to identify key projects and opportunities that will make the biggest contribution towards creating sustainable and resilient communities in Taranaki and helps makes them happen.

Sustainable Taranaki has undergone significant transformation over the last two years and we are looking for the right person to help further drive and develop the Trust’s vision and programs into the future. We are a small but dedicated and supportive group of Trustees from a variety of backgrounds and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

We are pleased to be able to offer a 25 hour per week contract for services to an independent contractor to be the General Manager of the Trust and its associated programmes.

The Trust’s Mission

Sustainable Taranaki works to inspire and support people, businesses and communities to value the environment and act to prioritise sustainability.

The organisation works to achieve this through:

  • Being a community-based organization working with and supporting our communities

  • Empowering people through education and advocacy

  • Providing advice and support in an accessible and non-judgmental manner

  • Identifying and being the initiator of responses to gaps and opportunities.

The Trust’s Values

  • Positive: Support people to change and celebrate success

  • Respectful: Acknowledge different viewpoints and be open to collaborative discussion

  • Cross-cultural: Embrace cultural perspectives and enable learning

  • Education driven: Focus on giving people the tools they need to make positive change

  • Empowering: Work with people to build knowledge, connections, confidence and skills.

Responsible to

  • Chair (or delegated authority) and the Trustees of Sustainable Taranaki

Essential Functions and Key Tasks

  • Manage the day to day running of the Trust and its various programmes and contractors by ensuring the programs operate within budget, remain legally and contractually compliant and reflect current policy and procedure.

  • Seek new ways to operate, achieve the outcomes of the programmes and increase efficiency.

  • To oversee the implementation of the Trusts current Strategic Plan, help review and contribute to the Trust's long-term strategy over time.

Responsibility and Accountability:

  • Strategy and planning: To be a strategic thinker

    • Work collaboratively with Trustees, Contractors and the community to deliver on the long-term strategic plan for the Trust.

    • Work collaboratively with Trustees, Contractors and the community to plan how to achieve program goals.

  • Program and event development: To be well organised

  • Explore the development of new funded events, programmes, content and resources that help the Trust achieve its goals.

  • Contribute to the events, programs and content of other agencies (with funding recognition) to increase the focus on the goals of the Trust.

  • Partnerships and communication: To engage with our community

    • Explore, propose and implement (with approval from Trustees) new strategic relationships with partners, funders, groups and communities that help the Trust achieve its aims.

    • Support existing partnerships through cross-promotion, development of partnership agreements (where appropriate) and collaboration.

    • Oversee communication from the Trust to maintain and grow relationships with supporters, funders, partners and members of the Taranaki community, and to support people to take action in Taranaki.

  • Financial: To befinancially literate

    • Review and approve/reject abnormal expense requests.

    • Check and review that invoicing aligns to budget and what has been approved by contractors.

    • Contribute to budget creation and allocation.

    • Seek new income sources for the Trust

    • Lead all funding applications

  • Human resource: To be approachable and flexible

    • Manage staff, including recruiting, development of positions, job descriptions, rates, leave, inductions, coaching, certification, personal and professional development plans, maintaining valid police checks, termination and exit interview processes.

    • Manage the performance of contractors by providing constructive feedback within a legal process which would include escalation to the board where necessary.

    • Maintain own development plan, in collaboration with Trust Chair (or appointee).

  • Health and Safety: To be responsible and compliant

    • Be responsible for one’s own safety and for the safety of others.

    • Review and sign off Risk Assessment management forms as required.

    • Check and ensure compliance to process and policy

    • Escalation point as per Health and Safety process.

    • Ensuring we have systems and processes in place and followed to ensure the Trust delivers work in accordance with contractual and other legal obligations

    • Tracking obligations (such as through a contracts and compliance register, ensuring any comms or marketing do not breach standards, performance reporting to consider compliance oriented KPIs)

  • Reporting: To be succinct, accurate and timely

    • Produce end of month reports for the Trust on program activities, funding and performance in an agreed format.

    • Ensure reporting to funders is completed as per contractual obligations.

  • Quality: To be thorough and focused on continual improvement

    • Ensure programmes are delivered with a consistent level of quality as contracted.

    • Ensure public information such as website and online social media is relevant and current.

    • Ensure all processes align to policy.

    • Give constructive feedback to improve quality of process and service by contractors.

Current / Future Project Tasks for the Manager

For more detailed information see the corresponding business plan

TSB Project Behaviour Change Project

  • Ensure that all KPI’s are met

  • Ensure that all reporting requirements are met

  • Develop and solidify functional relationships

  • Engaging sub-contractors as listed in the TSB CT project documentation

  • Organise the in-person education events

Waste Levy Project

  • Have functional responsibility for the resource education officer, ensuring that KPI’s are met on time

  • Ensure that signage and interpretive materials are completed to a high standard

The Junction

  • Develop and solidify functional relationships

  • Engage with existing and new community groups and fund holders to develop effective positive networks

  • Develop

    • Community spaces (second year)

    • Waste education and promotion

    • Contribute to the web site/social media e.g. Facebook etc.

    • Establish a marketing plan

  • Ensure that all KPI’s are met

  • Ensure that all reporting requirements are met

Your personal attributes

Ideally you will be responsible, accountable, approachable, have drive and integrity and be excellent at developing and maintaining stakeholder relationships. You will be comfortable working independently, have good local networks and be able to manage multiple project KPI’s and deadlines for various funders and stakeholders. You will have a passion for our Mission and demonstrable track in driving change.

Applications close noon on Friday 15th March. To apply, send a cover letter and CV via the Seek website advertisement for the role.