Active transport

 Taranaki is a stunning place to get out and about in. Using active transport such as walking, biking, scooting or catching the bus is good for your health as well as the health of our air and climate. Here’s some simple tips for getting around our beautiful region with less environmental impact.

Making walking to social events, the shops, school, work, meetings, sports games etc part of your daily routine keep you active. Get yourself some good walking shoes and be sunsmart along the way.

Walking is also a great way to meet your neighbours and friends, and to enjoy Taranaki’s beautiful gardens, parks and green spaces. There are guides to walkways in New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki Districts online. The Department of Conservation and Venture Taranaki also have guides to walks and tramps in Taranaki.

Go by foot


Get on your bike

Riding your bike is great as a faster way around. Remember that if your destination is under 5km away chances are you’ll get there faster by bike than car! You won’t need to circle around to find a park or pay for parking meters or fines.

The Lets Go website has route maps for safer riding in New Plymouth. If you want some support to get back on your bike and be a safe cyclist, the Lets Go program and Sports Taranaki also runs cycle skills and safety training sessions for adults and schools. Find out more on their website or Facebook page.

Support your local bus network

 Bus routes criss-cross Taranaki and need more people using them in order to increase the frequency and range of bus services. Check out available routes and timetables or map a journey from wherever you are via the Taranaki Regional Council Journey Planner.

Your organisation or community group may be able to get discounted travel for bus use. To find out more email the Let's Go Travel Planner .

When you’re leaving Taranaki there’s also a range of regional buses to catch instead of driving or flying.

Ride sharing

Ridesharing can be a great opportunity to meet people in your community and save significant dollars (as well as emissions)!

The easiest ways to organise ride sharing amongst your network is to chat to friends, fellow parents, colleagues or people going to the same clubs, churches or classes as you in your local area, and ask if they’re interested!

You can also check out bigger websites such as CoSeats or Share Your Ride to see who is ridesharing around you, or to post a ride offer or request. 

Lets Go have a list of general tips for ridesharing here and an editable poster you can use to rally up some carpooling partners in your neighbourhood.

If you’re not making use of your car, you might want to consider car sharing with friends, family or neighbours. That way not everyone needs a car, or a second car for a household, and costs can be divided amongst more people. Websites to list your car for rent on include YourDrive and RoamRide.

 You can also find guides to car sharing with neighbours, housemates or friends online, such as this one.

Sharing your car

If you know of other stockists/retailers/suppliers/services or all round fantastic sustainable sources please let us know so that we can include them here.