Crop Swap brings together backyard gardeners, home bakers and food foragers for swapping and sharing high quality local food on a regular basis. Crop Swap is a great way for members of our community to generousness share their surplus and in doing so get to know their local community.

Crop Swap Aoteroa video showcase

What is Crop Swap?

Crop Swap Aotearoa was started in 2014 by Franziska bon Hunerbein. Franziska bought together a group of backyard gardeners in her home in New Plymouth, to experience the joy of sharing their excess garden produce first hand. Interest grew swiftly, with the event moving to a local community hall and other suburbs and towns starting their own Crop Swap hubs. There are now over 20 Crop Swaps throughout New Zealand, with several also starting overseas.

In Crop Swap, backyard gardeners meet on a regular basis to share locally grown and homemade food, exchange gardening knowledge and build relationships. Crop Swaps are beneficial not only for the natural environment, they are a space to connect, enhance the quality of life for the individual and help build well connected communities that are based on generosity and fairness.

How can I get involved?

There are now 11 Crop Swaps within Taranaki. To get involved in your local Crop Swap or to find out about starting your own, check out their website and Facebook page.