Efficient appliances

The benefits of buying more efficient appliances and equipment and using them optimally doesn’t just stop at energy and cost savings. Often the most efficient products run cooler and last longer - so it’s worth considering when you’re upgrading or buying something for the first time.

Buy efficient

First up, buy the right size for your household. For example, fridge/freezers are the biggest consumers of energy of all household appliances, generally accounting for about 10% of household energy use, and between $600 and $2,000 in running costs over a 10 year period. So choosing a new fridge/freezer that is sized appropriately for your household rather than the latest big model will make a sizable difference.

Buying appliances with three, four, five or more stars on the compulsory Energy Rating label will save you significant money through reduced electricity bills, as well as reducing demand on the electricity grid. The initial purchase price may be higher, but you’ll save in the long run.

Learn more about Energy Rating labels at the EECA Energy Wise website. You can compare different running costs with the simple Running Costs Calculator, or use the Rightware tool to compare appliances by their energy efficiency and function.

Set up, position and run appliances efficiently. For example, place fridges and freezers away from heat sources and direct sunlight, as their efficiency decreases as the surrounding temperature increases. Fridges should also have a

See the Energy Wise tips for saving energy online for dishwashers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, clothes driers and televisions.

Turn off appliances when not in use. This can save up to 10% on your electricity bill. A multi-plug power board with a power switch makes it easy to turn multiple devices off at once. Remote-controlled plugs and power boards also let you turn equipment off without having to bend under your desk or behind a TV cabinet.

Turn your computer and WiFi at the wall at night, or when not in use.

Set up power management features like putting your computer into ‘sleep mode' after a certain period of inactivity. Turn off screen savers, as they can stop the computer from going in to sleep mode, and use more energy to run.

Set up & run appliances efficiently

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