We all know that it is important to recycle. Recycling waste materials into new materials lessens the need to extract new raw materials from the environment and uses less water and energy than manufacturing virgin materials. In 2017 households in the New Plymouth District recycled 14,000 tonnes of materials. However, there is still a lot of valuable materials going to landfill in our residential and commercial waste streams - we can do better!

What can & can’t be recycled at home

For household information on what you can and cannot recycle at kerbside in each district of Taranaki, refer to your Council recycling guide below. For businesses, commercial recycling services see the following business section:

It’s important to follow Council recycling guides closely, as contamination through non-recyclable items in the recycling system can at times render the materials worthless and result in it all being sent to landfill. For those people without kerbside recycling, recyclables can be dropped off free of charge at your local transfer station.

The following service providers cater to business recycling needs in Taranaki.

General recycling:

Metal recycling:

  • See the following section for options.

Business recycling and services


Electronic waste or e-Waste contains hazardous metals and plastics which can cause harm to the environment and human health if not disposed of appropriately. Electronics also contain valuable metals that should be recycled into further products, with correct separation.

There are currently available at New Plymouth’s Colson Road Transfer Station and Stratford Transfer Station. Charges apply, but are subsidised by the New Plymouth District Council and the Stratford District Council in their respective areas. 

Metal is one of the easiest materials to recycle. If you can’t reuse an item or gift or sell it to someone else, local scrap metal recyclers will pay you in cash to take metals. These include:

Scrap metal recycling

Organic material such as food scraps and green waste make up a large and unnecessary portion of what goes to landfill. Green waste can be dropped off for a lesser fee than general waste at your local Transfer Station. Alternatively, purchase a compost bin at your local garden center and get composting!

Green waste

Batteries, toner cartridges and other household items

For New Plymouth District residents, you can also download the NPDC Rubbish and Recycling app, which includes a comprehensive list of what can be recycled locally.

If you know of other stockists/retailers/suppliers/services or all round fantastic sustainable sources please let us know so that we can share.