Seedsavers Taranaki is a local community wide group that share, swap and have fun saving and growing NZ open pollinated seed local to Taranaki and beyond.

Why save your own seeds 

As seedsavers we are continuing the traditional food growing techniques of our parents, our grandparents and their parents – that of selecting the best and healthiest plants and saving the seed for next season’s planting.

Seedsavers select and grow the plants that grow best in their local area, taste best and are resistant to local pests and diseases. Many commercial seeds are hybrids and if seed is saved from these plants they will not breed true.

How to save your own seed

Self Pollinating: Lettuce, tomatoes and beans (except for runners and broad beans) are easy for beginners because they produce seed in their first year and are self pollinating.

Cross Pollinating: Different varieties of carrots, onions, brassicas, corn, pumpkin, runner beans and broad beans will cross with each other. If you want to keep your seed pure (retain the characteristics of your seed) only grow one variety at a time to prevent cross pollination.

Join the group

The Taranaki Seedsavers group have regular field trips throughout the year where members visit local productive gardens of interest, swap seeds and share ideas. The group is open to all who are interested in saving seeds. Join the group by clicking the ink below. You will be sent the latest updates on gatherings and group news.

Seed banks available Taranaki wide

Community House/Womens Centre

Leach Street, New Plymouth

P: 06 756 6192

Opening times: Mon-Fri 9.30am – 3pm

New Plymouth seed list download

North Taranaki Community & Information Centre

67, McLean Street, Waitara

P: 06 754 8924

Opening times: Mon-Fri 9am-3.30pm

Waitara seed list download

Urenui Mobile Seed Bank

Urenui Crop Swaps 2nd & 4th Saturdays

Mike’s Brewery, SH3 Urenui – 10.30am

To use seed bank when not at Crop Swap call Maria on 027 232 555

Fun Ho! Museum & Inglewood Information Centre

25 Rata Street, Inglewood

P: 06 756 7030

Opening times: Mon-Sun 10am-4pm

Inglewood seed list download

Marfell Community Trust

10, Endeavour Street, Marfell, New Plymouth

Open: Mon – 9.30am – 11.30

Contact Kurvarji: 06 751 1908 or text 027 870 2488

Marfell seed list download

Stratford Library

Prospero Place, Stratford

P: 06 765 5403

Opening times: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Saturday: 9am – 12pm

Stratford seed list download

Downtown Okato Café

64, Carthew Street, Okato

P: 06 752 4822

Opening times: Mon/Tues/Fri 7am-4pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm

Okato seed list download

Hāwera Mobile Seed Bank

Hawera Crop Swap, 3rd Sat each month

Presbyterian Centre, Hawera

Caffeinate Café

152, High Street, Hawera

Mon-Fri: 7am- 4pm & Sat: 7pm – 1pm

Hawera seed list download


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