New Plymouth Resource Recovery Centre Tours

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Come & take a tour!

Educational tours of the recycling processing facility unpack how cardboard, paper, plastics and glass are sorted, reused and recycled. Sustainable Taranaki facilitates FREE tours, funded by NPDC. Find out about our tours below.

Why do we have a recycling processing facility?

The New Plymouth recycling processing facility is the place where recycling collected from the New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki districts is processed. Built in 2015, the facility aims to maximise diversion of waste from the landfill, as well as recover resources to be on-sold and recycled. After the New Plymouth District Council introduced new recycling bins in 2015, community uptake in recycling sky rocketed, with the volume of materials to be processed increasing from 50 to 500 tonnes each month! This is a great change in our community’s waste and recycling behaviour.

Tell me more about the tours!

Sustainable Taranaki leads these NPDC funded zero waste tours at the Resource Recovery Centre FREE of charge! These are available for schools, businesses and community groups. Along side viewing the recycling process in action through a 6m viewing window, participants interact with educational displays covering where common recyclables come from, the process of recycling materials into new products, how Taranaki’s waste practices have changed over time and it’s goals for the future. There are also hands-on activities for younger children where they can learn through games, such as sorting recycling on a conveyor belt!

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how was this made?

Understand where our most common recyclable materials originate and the process they’ve gone through to get here - from extraction to everyday use.

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Explore the process of making recyclable items into new items - from your kerbside, through the recovery facility, and onto industrial producers of recycled products.

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changes over time

Take time to read about and answer questions around how New Zealand and Taranaki’s waste and recycling practices have changed over time.

Tour booking information

  • Tour duration: approximately 1 hour

  • Tour days & times: Thursdays and Friday between 9am - 1pm. Times are flexible, but this is when the machines will be in operation.

  • Tour numbers: each tour can accommodate up to 40 people, with a minimum of 10 people required. A ratio of 1:15 adults to children is required for all tours.

  • Access: the facility is located on Colson Road, New Plymouth, on the second floor of Resource Recovery Centre. Unfortunately there is no lift access in the building. Parking is available for private vehicles and buses, with further instructions for parking given once a tour has been booked.

Want to know more?

For more information please contact our Zero Waste Educator, Erin Strampel on or make a booking enquiry.